Loaves & Fishes

Victory Academy Lunch Program


  • Lunch must be ordered in advance monthly.

  • Menus will be sent home several weeks in advance in your child’s Friday folder.

  • Menu and payment are due at the time of order.  Be sure to return by the due date indicated on the menu as No Late Orders will be accepted.

  • In the event of a class field trip, your child will bring home a “Bag Lunch Order Form” to be filled out and returned to school as a substitute for their daily Hot Lunch.

  • There will be absolutely NO Credits.

  • All meals include a beverage of your child’s choice:  chocolate milk, white milk, apple juice or bottled water.  Students in 1st-8th grade will be able to choose their daily beverage when entering the cafeteria and do not have to indicate beverage choice on the lunch form.  Pre-K and K5 students do not enter the cafeteria; so, please write their daily choice on the lunch menu.

  • Payments:  Checks must be made payable to:  Loaves & Fishes. Most credit cards accepted and cash (exact amount) accepted.

  • Cost:  $4.75 per day x the # of days lunch is served that month.

  • If you wish to pay for multiple months in advance, you may pay for:

    • 1. The entire year

    • 2.  August – December

    • 3.  January – May

The Lunch Program at Victory offers your child a variety of choices for daily lunch:

1.         The daily Main Entrée’ and side items listed on the menu

2.         Baked Potato Meal – includes butter, grated cheese

            Choice options:  sour cream, bacon bits, dressings,

            Green side salad and vegetable of the day (per request)

            Crackers or bread of the day (per request)

            Fruit and Dessert of the day


3.         Large Salad Meal – served with dressing of choice, croutons,

            grated cheese, and any additional fresh vegetables or fruit

            of the day.


4.         Chicken Sandwich Meal 

            Hamburger Meal

            Pizza Pocket Meal

           (Only served on the days indicated on menu)

           Chip Choice / sliced cheese choice / condiments

           Vegetable and fruit of the day

           Dessert of the day                  


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